March 15, 2023 •

About Duckist is an innovative web-based platform that allows users to communicate sensitive information such as passwords, messages, and files in a secure and simple manner. This program employs powerful encryption technologies to keep your secrets safe and secure.

Duckist allows you to effortlessly create one-time messages that contain either text or files and self-destruct once accessed. This feature adds an additional degree of security to your communications, guaranteeing that your information remains private and unavailable to unauthorized parties.

Because the encryption occurs directly in your browser, Duckist does not have access to your encrypted messages. This ensures that your secrets remain private and secure. Furthermore, sending a Duckist link through email or text protects your information from phishing attacks because hackers will only see an expired link rather than the real secret message. In short, Duckist is a very effective and secure way to transmit sensitive information, providing individuals and companies with piece of mind. You can trust Duckist with your secrets, whether you're sharing passwords, messages, or files.

Duckist Business Information

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Name Duckist
One liner Share you secrets in the safest way!
Type Startup
Target B2B
Type Service
Tags Business, Encryption, Web Development, Security Service,
Contact Email
Owner Email
GPS Location 59.42081638778102, 24.80326796180805
Founding Date 01.01.2023
Business Name Duckist
Busines Address Sepapaja tn 6, Lasnamäe linnaosa Tallinn,
Business Postal Code 15551
Business State Harju Maakond
Business Country Estonia
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